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The Magic of Colors!

Colors have a magical way of setting the mood of a room, the tone of a party and can provide an air of confidence in what we wear. Use the color guide below for each special meaning, emotion, mood and feeling each can evoke.


Red is a very power color and it can work for or against you in regards to its power. Itís a hot color that evokes the emotions of sex, lust, passion, love and affection. It is also associated depending on tone with "fast" things whether it is women with bright red lipstick or a red hot sports car. So when your choosing make up, clothing or a car color keep this in mind.


Blue is one of if not the most favorite color adored by both men and women. It is a very calming color often associated with blue birds, blue skies and the beautiful blue ocean. But can also cause rooms to feel cold or even cause feelings of depression. So when using blues think of how happy and bright the color seems.


Green is a earth toned color, the color of the grass, the color of the earth. It represents many things associated with earth as well such as growth, fertility, progression and change. It's known to be very easy on the eyes as well as pleasing and is known to have wonderful healing properties to it. Depending on the color it can also evoke the sense of prosperity and money.


The first thing most people will think about the color yellow is of the bright sunshine or a warm summer day. That's because that is exactly what it does evoke emotionally. It is a warm comfortable color that can also on the same token make us feel awake and perky. But like with many colors the tone truly does set the tone. As some shades of yellow can also bring about feelings of caution similar to that of hazardous signs and the like.


Black is often a color used to portray something scary, depressing, evil or even a symbol of death and mourning in western civilizations. But it can also bring about a sense of power, elegance, beauty and wealth. It's an extremely strong color in it's seemingly simplicity. It is truly one of those colors that on it's own is powerful but when matched with other contrasting colors it becomes a major statement of boldness.


White is associated with purity, cleanliness, and peace. It often evokes thoughts of crisp winter snow or fresh white clothing out of the dryer. When used with a design using lots of negative space it gives a very clean look to it. It is the cleanest of all colors causing those who wear it to seem tanner, healthier and more magical air to them. The images of heaven, the clouds and freshness are often associated with this color at first glance.


Purple is often the color associated with royalty, wealth and spirituality. It's an uplifting color bringing about feelings of calmness to the nerves and increases creativity.


Orange is the most controversial of the colors in the spectrum evoking either extreme positive or extreme negative emotions from it. In brighter tones it brings about thoughts of warm climates, comfort and many times the orange fruit. It is truly a color that is a love/hate relationship; some people will love everything about where others will always dislike it regardless of its use. It is known to stimulate appetites and make rooms warmer.

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