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Blondey Will PRAY the Famous Silva Method For Whatever You Want
prayer Silva Method
I will PRAY for YOU and get amazing 99% results. As seen on Dr Oz show "Power of Prayer" 40 years of research in the Journal of Religion, scientific and medical studies PROVES the strength of prayer, but effectivness it can depend on WHO is praying and how good they are at praying. I have decades of experience and years of highest spiritual study. I will pray for you, for whatever you want - money, lottery, health, love, ANYTHING you desire.

Your privacy is 100% assured.

Total Understanding Comes From Expert Guidance!

Blondey will pray for you using Famous Silva Method, for whatever your heart desires Please provide your name and any details you feel are important. Your personal prayer confirmation will be sent to you via email memorialized in PDF format. Our secure and encrypted payment gateway means that your details are kept secure. You can choose to pay by Credit Card or PayPal.

$10.00 per prayer

Testimonials from Recent Clients

Great experience! Confirmed something another psychic had told me, and put my mind at ease for things I needed closure on. Good insight and guidance. I will be back for another reading
Thank you so much for continually being there and answering my questions Blondey, you are a blessing

Thank you very much Blondey I feel your reading was spot on and probably just what i needed to hear. Though you said many things i already knew i think it is amazing that somebody in the other part of the word can see it so accurately. I definitely needed a reminder. No doubt to give this reader a go

Blondey is a very sensitive and gifted psychic. She is very compassionate in her readings and always gives extras.

Wow, you knocked it out the park on this one!!! Thank you so much!


Thank you i found it and it was very good

Thank you for your incredible, continued support.
Another fantastic reading. Blondey consistently over-delivers. Highly recommended to all.

Wow, I did not give a lot of detail to my problems and you were able to pinpoint the things that I needed answered. I am very impressed. Would recommend 100%!

Very positive and uplifting! Hope you are right! Thanks!

Perfect timing as always Blondey…thank you so much

Thank you. Wonderful reading as always. x
Thank you so much for so many terrific readings, I know that you are a good person not only from your compassionate answers but also because of your work with animals. Thanks again.

Blondey responded to my order very quickly and with such kindness. I will absolutely purchase from her again.

Wonderful as always, thank you Blondey, you outstanding spiritual advisor :-)

Wonderful reading and such good advice as usual! We're honored to have found you on Fiverr, thank you! Blessings xx

Thank you so much. You're a star! Delivered reading in super express time. Really amazing and I am glad I have met such a talented and naturally gifted soul and spirit. Thank you S x

Thank you so much Blondey. You're really talented and your accuracy is scary sometimes - but I love your gentle approach to the truth. I also love to see the way the things you say unfold in reality. Thank you for being you. Highly Recommended! I've tried the rest - but she's the best! Go for it! Dear Shaman, Your reading was very wonderful, i also had a gut feeling of the matters i had presented. I will come back to you very soon for more direction. Thank you so much for your reading. A++++++++++++++++ Amit

Very detailed reading. It gave me so much of positive thoughts to carry with me. The reading was really nice Thank you very much.

Wow, beyond excellent, i will be back, I'm even more curious now but its clear

Wow...that's the first thing I can say right now... I am surprised to receive the reading a few minutes ago. I didn't expect it to be so quick and so detail! The guidance I received in the reading really helps me to understand the situation I am in. It gives me clarity. Thanks so much!!!